Smoking Cessation Leadership Center Webinars

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University of California San Francisco
Summary of Training or CME : 
  • #24: Practical Applications of the New Joint Commission Tobacco Standards – Revenue and Clinical Opportunities for Tobacco Specialists and Hospital Administrators (Schroeder, Fiore, Bars, Steinberg, Kotsen, Darville and Lawler, 90 minutes)

  • #23: To Smoke or Not to Smoke?: That is the Adolescent Question (Halpern-Felsher, 90 minutes)

  • #22: Electronic cigarettes: Marketing and Potential Public Health Impact (Ling and Grana, 90 minutes)

  • #21: Behavioral Health & Tobacco:  The Final Frontier (ATTUD panelists, 90 minutes)

  • #20: Tobacco Use & Bipolar Disorder: Results from a Large Online Survey (Prochaska, 90 minutes)

  • #19: Updates on Smoking and Schizophrenia (Williams, 90 minutes)

  • #18: Menthol – Science, Policy, and Advocacy (Vargyas, Abrams, and Thornton-Bullock, 90 minutes)

Where does the training occur?: 
Online Training
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CME credits are approved for:: 
TQ Editors believe that SCLC webinars are Free if you do not want CME/CEU credits (although you should verify this). Also check number of CME credits offered for the training you want to do.


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My understanding is that you can take any of their trainings for free.  I think the only charge occurs when you want to get CME's for them.  Maybe somebody will chime in and clarify.

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